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Writing to Help Others: Four Bloggers on What Pushes Them to Publish
Ben Huberman

People start blogs for many reasons — from promoting their business to documenting their travels. For some, blogging is a form of service: by sharing their stories, they hope to help others. Here, four bloggers reflect on what motivates them to inspire others through their writing.


A Thought Process

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Every time I would put my pen to paper, I felt as if it allowed me to explore a new part of me. It allowed me to feel alive in a whole new sense.

There are so many people out there, and each of them has a ...Read more

Photographer Sophia Hsin Documents Child Laborers in Bangladesh
Krista Stevens

Vancouver, Canada-based photographer Sophia Hsin recently traveled to Bangladesh with World Vision’s No Child for Sale campaign. Her goal: to document young laborers and raise awareness among Canadian consumers about how some products enter their food chain.

The photos from her trip do a brilliant job conveying the humanity of children forced into working at far too young an age, due to cultural norms and extenuating family circumstances.

Tanya works nights in a shrimp factory to support her disabled father and younger sister.

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Creatively, this trip really made me realize the ...Read more

One Story, One Picture: A Daily Flash Fiction Collaboration
Cheri Lucas Rowlands

“On his way to Russia, Ben fell out of the airplane directly on top of Nikita.” So begins the About page at Flash 365 , a flash fiction collaboration based out of St. Petersburg, Russia. “Ben used to be a writer and Nikita used to be an artist,” the tale continues, “but the remaining number of barely workable limbs were only enough to make one body. So, Ben and Nikita sit, stitched together, paralyzed, and in agony.”

At Flash 365 , the pair combines their writing, art, and imaginations, posting one story and image a day. Sample Ben and Nikita’s project with these five stories.

“Cheese and Handcuffs”

“This is the story ...Read more